WSSYSA Youth Training Fund 2018

The WSSYSA has been established for many years and is well known for its provision of youth training events, formerly sail training and latterly racing events including the flagship WSSYSA Regatta, all aimed to encourage young people to participate in sailing in West Sussex. As its affiliate members, mainly sailing clubs and organisations, have developed and become more self sufficient, the demand for WSSYSA activity at a local level has diminished and the Management Committee has decided to offer Youth Bursaries to encourage young sailors to progress their personal development in racing or sail training.

Bursaries are available to promising young sailors younger than 19 years on September 8th in the year of the award to support their racing beyond club level or nationally recognised training activity. The bursary is intended to provide modest financial assistance to the sailors to support on going participation in racing events like Youth Nationals, RYA ranking events or selection for teams representing GBR or the RYA at international level. It could include participation at such events or sustained coaching activities or attendance at national programmes in furtherance of the development of their talent. It does not include attendance at home club organised activities. Equally it could be used to support sail training activity, for example, attendance on a RYA Instructor or Senior Instructor course.

The recipients are expected to provide a return to their sponsoring club/organisation by contributing to the development of youth sailing sailing from where they came. So candidates should indicate how they will provide such return support in order to encourage their peers and junior colleagues to participate in similar activities in the future. Candidates will need to specify how the bursary is to be spent, potentially identifying personal goals/targets, which will need to be verified and endorsed by the sponsoring club or organisation.

The number of the awards is limited and is determined by the Management Committee of the WSSYSA. In 2018, up to 7 awards of £300 each could be potentially made.

The timescale for 2018:
  • May 1st: Launch of 2018 bursaries on WSSYSA website
  • July 14th: Closing date for entries for 2018 bursaries
  • September 8th: Presentation of bursaries at WSSYSA Regatta

Applications maybe made anytime during May 1st to July 14th.

The nominations should be made on the attached form and endorsed by the supporting club or organisation. No more than two awards will be made to individuals from the same club or organisation (the organisation is expected to coordinate all applications from its members and select the two most deserving for submission to WSSYSA.

WSSYSA Regatta 2018

The 2018 Regatta will take place on 8-9 September at Cobnor Activities Centre and we would love to see a bumper turn-out for the event.

The event will run along similar lines to last year’s regatta, with four separate fleets – Fast handicap, Slow handicap, Toppers, and Optimists – and racing on Saturday and Sunday (target of six races). Boat delivery will be available on the Friday as well as Saturday morning, and camping will be available on both Friday and Saturday, with hot food available on site.

As in previous years, we will ask team managers to coordinate team entries and to ensure that they (or a designated person) provide on-site supervision of their team members throughout the event. A full information pack will be provided to all teams via email and the website in due course.

We hope that, as in previous years, you will find that the regatta provides a fitting climax to the youth sailing season.

Topper Traveller Series 2018

Dates and venues for the 2018 Topper Traveller Series have been finalised, and we warmly invite all local youth Topper sailors to take part.

The series will comprise six events:

The Notice of Race (NoR) and Series entry form are attached. The key points to note are:

  • The attached NoR outlines the eligibility criteria to be included in the scoring calculations for the Topper Traveller Series and describes how the scores will be calculated.  Registration with WSSYSA (using the attached Entry Form) is required in order for a score to be calculated. There is no fee for entry into the Series
  • Each event is organised by the named host club, which will publish a Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (SIs) specific to its own event. These documents will take priority over the WSSYSA NoR and will describe how to participate in the specific event, including how to register, any entry fee involved, and how the individual event scores will be calculated. The NoR and SIs and will be available from the host club
  • The WSSYSA Topper Traveller Series will be scored as described in the Series NoR. Any sailor may use either a 5.3m2 or 4.2m2 sail at any time, providing that a unique sail designation has been provided on the Series registration form (a different sail number on each sail is permitted)
  • Notwithstanding the WSSYSA Series scoring, each event may award its own prizes, as described in its NoR and SIs

Prizes will be presented at the end of the WSSYSA 2018 Regatta, which will take place on 8-9 September at Cobnor Activities Centre Trust.


Topper Travellers 2018 NoR v2.0 FINAL

Topper Travellers 2018 Entry Form v2.0