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WSSYSA Regatta 2017 – Results

The 2017 edition of the WSSYSA Regatta took place at Dell Quay Sailing Club on 9-10 September. Three races were completed on the Saturday in high winds but none on Sunday, due to the worsening weather conditions, thus the series comprised three races with one race to discard. As in 2016, sailors competed in four fleets: fast handicap, slow handicap (excluding Topper and Optimist), Topper, and Optimist.

Congratulations are due to the following sailors whom medalled in their respective fleets:

  • Fast: 1st – Alex Mayger (Laser Radial, Felpham SC); 2nd – Jonny Brown (Laser Radial, Arun YC); 3rd – Jack Miller (RS Aero 5, Felpham SC)
  • Slow: 1st – Jamie Dadswell & Megan Renson (RS Feva XL, AYAC); 2nd – Erin Aldis-Hobbs (Laser 4.7, Felpham SC); 3rd – Miles Vidler & Maria Townsend (RS Feva XL, Crawley Mariners YC)
  • Topper: 1st – Sam Brackley (Felpham SC); 2nd – Alfie Lester (Felpham SC); 3rd – Tom Twist (Felpham SC)
  • Optimist: 1st – Tom Dempsey (Chichester YC); Elfie Grant (Chichester YC); 3rd – Ella Jones (Dell Quay SC)

The team trophy was won by Felpham SC.

WSSYSA Regatta 2017 Results

Topper Traveller 2017 – Overall Results

The final event in the series was completed at Arun YC. High winds meant the event comprised only two races, but the three main contenders for the series (Alfie Lester, Miles Vidler, and Oliver Wattam) all braved the elements to fight to the finish. In the end, Alfie took first place, from Oliver in second and Miles in third.

And so to the final results for the Topper Traveller series. With the results at Arun not affecting the previous placings, it’s congratulations to our top three sailors:

1st: Alfie Lester (Felpham)
2nd: Miles Vidler (Crawley Mariners)
3rd: Oliver Wattam (AYAC)

Prizes will be presented at the end of the WSSYSA Regatta at Dell Quay SC on 9-10 September.

Topper Traveller 2017 – final results

WSSYSA apologises to all sailors participating in the Topper Traveller this year for the lack of clarify regarding the scheduling of events counting towards the series and the method for calculating the overall results. With this post we hope to restore the balance.

The WSSYSA Topper Traveller was intended to comprise six events at Crawley, West Wittering, Chichester, Felpham, AYAC, and Arun, with the best four scores to count for each sailor and with only sailors from affiliated clubs included. However, due to some administrative oversights, two corrections must be made to the series schedule.

Firstly, an event was scheduled at Lancing SC on the same day as the event at West Wittering event. Due to bad weather the West Wittering event was cancelled. However, because many Topper sailors were encouraged to attend the Lancing event and did so in good faith, we are counting the Lancing event within the series.

Secondly, it was unclear to sailors whether the Topper Traveller event at Chichester YC was the Club Open Dinghy Regatta on 25 June or the Topper Open on 9 July. Again, Traveller sailors variously attended both events in good faith and we are going to count both events towards the series scores. In a further twist, the results at Chichester on 9 July were calculcated as separate 5.3 and 4.2 fleets with no way of combining the results in to a single fleet; accordingly the 5.3 and 4.2 results have been counted as separate races when calculating the series scores.

Taken all of this into account, the current Topper Traveller standings provided below are based on the results of seven events completed (Crawley Mariners, Lancing, Chichester x 3, Felpham, and AYAC) with one left to complete at Arun on 30 July (see the events listings for NoR and SIs). Alfie Lester currently leads comfortably from Miles Vidler, Oliver Wattam and Sam Brackley, but with Sam currently counting a DNC a high finishing place at Arun could see him challenge Alfie for the title. Overall, 45 sailors have now competed in the series, with 15 competing in more than one event.

If you spot any errors in the results, please do drop the association a line via the WSSYSA website ‘Contact’ button and we’ll look into it.

We look forward to seeing you at Arun for the decider!

Feedback on WSSYSA Regatta 2015

A feedback form for the recent regatta at Felpham SC is now available through this link:

We really appreciate all feeback to make next year’s regatta even better. Results for this year’s event as well as photo gallery and write-up coming soon.

2014 Regatta Results


Chichester Harbour was abuzz with junior racing activity as West Sussex Schools and Youth Sailing Association ran its 21st annual regatta from Cobnor Activities Centre. With 101 dinghies entered and some 130 youngsters from nine different clubs and youth groups competing, the weekend was a fine indication of the keenness of the next generation of the region’s racing sailors.
When, at the debrief after the five races were over,  RYA coach Dave Cockerill asked the youngsters if they believed their sailing had improved as a result of taking part in the event, a forest of hands shot up.

Conditions on Saturday were not too taxing for those who had never raced before, and the force 3 north-easterly breeze dropped and shifted south-easterly as racing continued. On Sunday competitors were challenged by a force 4, gusting force 5 initially, again from the north east. Despite the stronger winds, the young sailors had the measure of the windward/leeward course and coped admirably, with much very competent boat handling – though also a good number of capsizes.

For each of the three fleets, the overall winner was looking pretty clear by the end of the first day’s racing, and Saturday’s form continued on Sunday.

In the 27-strong fast fleet, the new pairing of Henry Bettle and Alex Briggs (Fireball, Dell Quay SC), ended the regatta with four first places, discarding a fourth for a perfect overall score. Alex Mayger (Felpham SC) did the same, heading the 43 Toppers in four races and discarding a third place. David Perez (Laser 4.7, Arun YC), who is a potential Olympic squad member in his home country of Spain, had a consistent three wins and two seconds to head the slow fleet by a comfortable margin.

Team spirit was high, and the most-anticipated results announcement was the team ratings. Felpham SC, which had a bevy of other good results, including Sian Thackeray and Sophie Bentley (Feva) third in the slow fleet, Mitchell Campbell (Solution) fourth fast handicap boat and Beth Wilkinson fourth Topper, took the team prize. Second was Arun YC, with Crawley Mariners YC in third place.
Among both the head-of-the fleet sailors and those much further back there was a general spirit of friendliness on the water, and where rules disputes arose those involved put their cases fairly and accepted decisions with good grace.

The event was also a great opportunity for young sailors who often have only limited close competition in their home clubs to enjoy a new level of racing. “There were seven or eight of us, only metres apart,” said Laser Radial sailor Phoebe Noble (Dell Quay SC).
The pre- and post-race briefings by Cockerill, head coach of the RYA GBR Topper squad for 14 years and who continues to support the class through Emsworth-based Sailing Solutions, were effective in improving competitors’ performance. “You’re having more fun when you’re not fighting a boat,” was his argument.

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Fast Fleet

  1. Henry Bettle and Alex Briggs (Fireball, Dell Quay SC) 4pts
  2. Stephen Armstrong (Laser, Crawley Mariners YC) 14pts
  3. Thomas Chapman (Laser Radial, Crawley Mariners YC) 15pts
  4. Mitchell Campbell (Solution, Felpham SC), 17pts
  5. Josh Wilkinson (Laser Radial, Felpham SC) 20pts
  6. Ed Gerwat (Laser Radial, Felpham SC) 20pts.

Slow Fleet

  1. David Perez (Laser 4.7, Arun YC) 5pts
  2. George Colcomb (Laser 4.7, Crawley Mariners YC) 11pts
  3. Sian Thackeray and Sophie Bentley (RS Feva XL, Felpham SC) 13pts
  4. Jack Miller and Lauren Bentley (RS Feva XL, Felpham SC) 15pts)
  5. Angus Kirk (Laser 4.7, Crawley Mariners YC) 16pts
  6. Daniel Gibson (Crawley Mariners YC) 25pts.


  1. Alex Mayger (Felpham SC) 4pts
  2. Thomas Kosteletos (Sussex YC), 10pts
  3. Charlotte Reading (Chichester YC) 11pts
  4. Beth Wilkinson (Felpham SC) 13pts
  5. Will Jameson, Christian Youth Enterprises) 22pts
  6. Finlay Swanton (Felpham SC) 27pts.


  1. Felpham SC
  2. Arun YC
  3. Crawley Mariners YC
  4. Dell Quay SC
  5. Sussex YC
  6. Christian Youth Enterprises.